Doob-B - Combo Amp
Reproduction of the Fender® Tweed Bandmaster 5E7. Favorite of the Doobie Brothers Pat Simmons and Pete Townshend on "Who's Next". Famous for the 4 ohm mismatch output transformer that gave it it's unique sound. Tube Rectifier, adjustable (pot) fixed bias.
Hand wired, high quality components.
Sounds great with Slinky Reverb Unit! Upgrade: Bassman/Super OT

Price: $1950.00 (does not include CA sales tax or shipping)
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Front view 1
Doob-B 5E7 - Front View 1
- Front view 2
Doob-B 5E7 - Front View 2
- Back view
Doob-B 5E7 - Back View
- Control Panel
Doob-B 5E7 - Control Panel

Sound Clip: Grind

Sound Clip: Overdrive

Owner's Manual

Power 26 Watts Push-Pull, Class A/B
Cabinet (Combo) Dimensions: 21" (H) x 22 1/2" (W) x 10 3/8" (D)
Lacquered Brown Stripe Tweed, Oxblood w/ Stripe Grill Cloth
Large Brown Handle, Chrome Glides
Chrome chassis w/ White Labels, Vintage Black Chicken Head Knobs
Tubes 1 x NOS 5U4G (Rectifier)
2 x Tung Sol Ri 6L6GC (Power Tubes),
2 x JJ 12AX7
1 x NOS 12YA7
Output Transformer Vintage Spec Mercury Magnetics
Power Transformer Vintage Spec Heyboer, Vintage Correct Voltages
Controls 4 Inputs - 2 x Normal Channel - 2 x Bright Channel
Normal Vol, Bright Vol, Treble, Bass, Presence Pilot Light, Standby, Power, Fuse, Ground (non-functional)
3 x Weber Vintage 10A125 10" Speakers
or Jensen Reissue P10R 10".
Accessories Custom Cover